PAS Pharmacist of the Year Award

PAS Pharmacist of the Year Award

The PAS Pharmacist of the Year award is presented in recognition of a pharmacist who performs outstanding service and patient care within the profession of pharmacy


The nominee must have directly contributed to patient care 

They must be a member of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) and a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals

The nominee cannot previously have received this award

The recipient will be considered for nomination for the upcoming CPhA Pharmacist of the Year Award

The terms of reference are available here.

Pharmacist of the Year Recipients

2021 Pharmacist of the Year – Rizza Pardillo Buffalo Narrows

Rizza is the pharmacy manager and the only pharmacist on her team at Northern Pharmacy Buffalo Narrows. Rizza has served as a preceptor to a pharmacy intern. She provides OAT and injection services to Buffalo Narrows and its surrounding communities, prescriptions for minor ailment and NIHB pharmacist-initiated recommendations. 

Rizza and her staff regularly visit health centers, providing pharmacy services and working with patients and their health care teams. Rizza provides education and resources on a variety of topics including naloxone training, general wellness, pharmacy scope, and other services.

Rizza is a registered Diabetic Educator who uses her training and expertise in her day-to,- day work with patients, many of whom have, or are at risk of developing, diabetes. Rizza is part of a multi-disciplinary team in Buffalo Narrows which meets weekly to discuss patient cases, and to identify ways to improve therapeutic outcomes. Rizza feels committed to doing work related to diabetic education in order to benefit her community.

Rizza is an empathetic and compassionate pharmacist who treats her team, her patients, and the members of Buffalo Narrows and its surrounding area ,with respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity 

2019 Pharmacist of the Year – Alex Crawley Prince Albert

Alex Crawley’s role is aimed at supporting patients at Sturgeon Lake who are prescribed chronic medications. Alex provides personal and group support to the community. He works in a highly collaborative setting at the Sturgeon Lake Health Centre with nurses, physicians, and staff to support individuals with personalized follow-up and also group activities such as educational events and social gatherings. In addition, he is often invited into the examination room during physician visits.

Alex has made such an impact during this past year that his position has been made permanent. Despite getting a new position as Director of the RxFiles program, he arranged to maintain his clinical practice by continuing to drive to Sturgeon Lake every Tuesday and also provide individualized care for people in that community.  Alex’s impact was substantial and highly valued by everyone. The Sturgeon Lake Health Centre has arranged to keep him on their team as evidence of the impact he has had in the community.

Alex’s innovation is in his personal approach to providing care, which enables him to identify and remove barriers that may be missed by a traditional health care approach.  He picks up medications or other health needs such as braces on his way out to the clinic when people have no other way to collect them.  He orders and organizes medications as some community members don’t even have a phone.  He will also spend individualized time with patients and family members who are struggling to understand the need for “western” medications for indications such as diabetes or hypertension.

“Our community lucked out getting Alex. His positive attitude and concern for his patients has been an invaluable asset to the staff and community of Sturgeon Lake. Alex’s persistence inspired our staff to work harder and fostered exceptional patient progress. The improved medication compliance from Alex’s efforts has strengthened the well-being of the community.  Alex has worked as the clinical pharmacist at Sturgeon Lake First Nation for over a year as part of a pharmacist intervention study originating from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition.  A grant from Innovative Medicines Canada allowed him to travel to the community with a health care team who provide a satellite medical clinic every Tuesday.”

Past Recipients