Respiratory Virus Season

Respiratory Viruses

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Other Injection Resources

  • CPDPP has recently created brand new training videos including:
    • IM Injection – Landmarking Deltoid
    • IM Injection – Landmarking Vastus Lateralis
    • SUBQ Injection – Landmarking Outer Triceps
    • Needle Length
    • Withdrawal from Vial
    • Child Hold Demonstration

COVID-19 Immunization Program

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Prescribing

  • Saskatchewan pharmacists that have completed Prescriptive Authority Level 1 Basics and Prescribing for Minor Ailments and Self-Care: Basics training are permitted to prescribe the respiratory syncytial virus vaccine as part of SCPP Level II Prescribing Authority (vi) for Other Diseases Identified by the Minister of Health or Designate bylaws. Pharmacists must use the available MedSask prescribing guidelines and Pharmacist Assessment Record (PAR). Reminder –  Administering an injection is a distinct activity from prescribing and requires Advanced Method Certification (AMC). Note – Members may access this resource through their SHIRP account. For the link to work you must login to the MedSask website through your SHIRP account first.


  • MedSask Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine Prescribing Guidelines

  • The respiratory syncytial virus vaccine is not publicly funded in Saskatchewan for the 2023-2024 RSV season. RSV vaccine prescribing and administration is not a Saskatchewan Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch (DPEBB) billable pharmacy service currently. Pharmacies are responsible for setting their own pricing for providing these services like other non-publicly funded pharmacy professional services.