NIHB Newsletters and Bulletins


Methadone Mark Up August 2022

Update on Specialized Infant Formula Shortage July 2022

NIHB Newsletter Summer 2022

Coverage for Alternatives to Similac Alimentum Infant Formula May 2022

NIHB Newsletter Spring 2022

NIHB Important Reminders January 2022


Reimbursement of Administration on Medication by Injection

NIHB Newsletter Winter 2021

NIHB Newsletter Fall 2021

NIHB Newsletter Summer 2021

NIHB Newsletter Spring 2021

New Product – Shingrix January 2021


NIHB Newsletter Winter 2020

NIHB Newsletter Fall 2020

COVID-19 Medical Supplies and Equipment Coverage July 2020

Express Scripts Communication on Claims over $10K

Express Scripts Claims Over $10K FAQ

NIHB Pharmacy Bulletin July 2020

COVID-19: Medical Supplies and Equipment Coverage

NIHB New Listing – May 2020


NIHB Summer 2018 Bulletin

NIHB March 2018 Naloxone Spray

NIHB Spring 2018 Bulletin


NIHB Winter 2017 Bulletin PDF

This issue includes:

  • Changes and Reduction in the Opioid Dose Limits
  • Change to Acetaminophen Dose Limit
  • Guide for Pharmacy Benefits
  • Pharmacy Providers Dispensing Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Transition of the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch to the new Department of Indigenous Services

NIHB Fall 2017 Bulletin

This issue includes:

  • Celecoxib Coverage Status
  • Opioid Dose Limit Reduction
  • Client Eligibility for Naloxne
  • British Columbia First Nations Health Authority Benefit Coverage

NIHB Spring 2017 Bulletin

This issue includes:

  • New information on the Guide for Pharmacy Benefits
  • Pharmacist Prescribing Policy Update
  • NIHB Program and Express Scripts

Non-Insured Health Benefits Program Policy Update-January 2017

This issue includes:

  • Reduction in Dose Limits for Opioids
  • Pharmacist Prescribing Policy Update

Pharmacist Initiated Treatment – Update to list of Medications and Conditions


Pharmacy NIHB Newsletter Winter 2016

This issue includes:

  • Bismuth in Tablet and Suspension
  • Naloxone Reimbursement
  • Medical Assistance in Dying
  • Updates to Extemporaneous Mixture Policy

NIHB Pharmacist Initiated Treatment Policy Treatment Aid

NIHB recently communicated a Pharmacist Initiated Treatment Policy that included a number of conditions and treatments that pharmacists can provide to NIHB patients without prior approval.

NIHB Pharmacy Newsletter Fall 2016

This issue includes:

  • 2016 Drug Benefit List
  • Sterile Syringes for Palliative Clients
  • Faxing Pharmacy and MS&E Manual Claim Submissions
  • Adding MS&E Provider Speciality Certifications after Registration

NIHB MSE Newsletter Summer 2016

This issue includes:

  • Wound care dressing list
  • Changes to incontinence and ostomy supplies price file
  • Policy change – prescriber criteria for low vision aids
  • Policy change – recognition of licensed practical nurses and registered practical nurse as oxygen assessors
  • NIHB 2014/15 annual report link

Pharmacy NIHB Newsletter Summer 2016

This issue includes:

  • Coverage of bisphosphates
  • NIHB prescriber policy for pharmacy benefits
  • New pharmacist-initiated treatment policy
  • Short-term dispensing changes
  • Update on compensation for opioid addictions treatment: methadone, suboxone, and Kadian
  • Opioid dose escalation limit
  • NIHB 2014/15 annual report link

NIHB – Alberta Wildfire Evacuations – Medication Coverage for First Nations and Inuit Clients

BoB – Alberta Wildfire Evacuations and Refills

NIHB Pharmacy Newsletter – Spring 2016

This issue includes:

  • Updated provider guide for pharmacy benefits
  • Change in listing status of docusate sodium and calcium
  • New pharmacy and NS&E Fillable Claim forms
  • Provider guide for medical supplies and equipment benefits
  • Current provider information
  • New pharmacy registration/change of ownership


NIHB Newsletter Fall 2015

This issues contains information on Change to Benzodiazepine Dispensing Frequency from 100 to 30 Days, 2015 Drug Benefit List, Change of Listing Status of Insulin Pump Supplies, New listing of Syringes and Needles, Maximum Allowed Dollar Threshold, Coverage of Extemporaneous Mixtures, Compounds with Diclofenac 


NIHB Newsletter – Summer 2014

This issue includes information on pharmacist initiated prescriptions for women’s health including: emergency contraception, prenatal vitamins, vomiting in pregnancy and vaginal candidiasis, reminder about next day claims verification, what to do when a pharmacy owner changes, point and rewards programs, coordination of benefits.

NIHB Newsletter – Winter 2014

This issue includes information on prometrium, vitamin E and acne product listing status changes, claim submissions for compounded methadone solution, and the 2014 Updated Drug Benefit List.

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