PACT Resources


For ease and accessibility, PACT resources are separated into different categories below. The document resources below also categorized in their different stages of change during the PACT program.

P = Precontemplation

C = Contemplation

PR = Preparation

A = Action

M = Maintenance

Billing Policy


PACT Cessation Algorithms

Pharmacist Resources

Smokers Helpline Referral Form

Drug Therapy in Special Populations

THE 5 As and Assistance StrategiesP

The 5 Rs for Motivation, P

Modified Fagerstrom ,PR/A

Modified Fagerstrom Smokeless TabaccoPR/A

Post Quit Days Follow-UpA/M

Bank of Follow-Up QuestionsA/M

PACT Workbook

The resources listed in this section are for pharmacists or health care providers while patients work through the PACT program.

The Why Test

Why Test Strategies

Top 10 Reasons to Quit

Benefits of Quitting

Shift Your Perspective

Smoking Reduction Tips

Pre quit log

The 4 Ds

Quit Tips and Tricks

Triggers and Strategies

Dealing with Cravings

Cessation Pharmacotherapy #1

Pharmacotherapy # 2 Bupropion

Pharmacotherapy # 3 Varenicline

Pharmacotherapy # 4 Inhaler / Lozenge

Pharmacotherapy #5 – Gum

Ready to Quit

Quit Plan

Quit Date Confirmation

Dealing with Withdrawal

Slips and Relapse

Patient Resources

General Cessation Information

Youth Resources