PAS 2024 Board of Directors Election – Candidates

Candidates - PAS 2024 Board of Directors Election

PAS is now starting the election process for the 2024 Board of Directors. The first phase of the process is to send all members a list of the candidates for the open Board of Directors positions (see below).

Ballots for the election for the PAS 2024 Board of Directors will be emailed to all PAS members on July 12th.  Members will be able to vote using the ballot link from 8 am on July 12th until 10 am on  August 12th, 2024.

There are six members running for the three pharmacist positions on the Board of Directors, and four members running for the one pharmacy technician position on the Board of Directors.

All members are able to vote for up to three pharmacist positions. All members are also able to vote for one pharmacy technician position.

Links to the biographies for each of the candidates can be found below:


Pharmacy Technicians