Pharmacy Contract 2020-21 – What it means

What it means for pharmacists

  • PAS 2021-22 Agreement with Ministry of Health: Resources for Members
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    February 19, 2021

    The Board of Directors of PAS has concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Health (MOH) relating to compensation for pharmacists, which takes effect on March 1, 2021 for a term of one year.  The contract provides a total increase of $2.2M, or 2.7% for a one-year agreement effective March 1, 2021, comprising:

    • The dispensing fee increases by 25 cents from $11.60 to $11.85 effective March 1, 2021.
    • The Flu Immunization Administration Fee for the 2020-2021 season is $15, paid retroactively to the beginning of this year’s season—a short-term $2 increase that recognizes one-time pandemic related costs.
    • For the 2021-2022 flu season, the Flu Immunization Administration Fee is $14, an increase of $1 over the previously contracted fee of $13.
    • The Therapeutic Drug Substitution program—which applies to particular exceptional situations for drug shortages—will be strengthened through medSask guidelines, algorithms and other decision support tools for pharmacists in using this program.  These tools will mirror the prescribing path for the Minor Ailments program and the same fee of $18 applies under both programs. Note:  There are currently no molecules noted under this program – it will become available as needed once the condition of the shortage meets SCPP bylaw requirements, and will be communicated to you by the Registrar.


    • A COVID-19 Vaccination Administration fee of $20 has been confirmed, however, this applies only during pandemic conditions. Provision of syringes from the supply procured by the federal government for the provinces has been confirmed for use by pharmacists administering COVID vaccines. We expect to provide much more information on the logistics of this service in the coming days and weeks.
    • To allow pharmacists to administer additional publicly funded vaccinations when approved to do so, the contract wording includes broader language for covering the “vaccination fee”, with the following qualifications:
      • The COVID vaccination administration fee, at $20 under exceptional circumstances, is separate from this provision.
      • The MOH must approve all publicly funded vaccines to be provided by pharmacists.   

    The following items have been deferred for future agreements:

    • As PAS requested, the contract has deferred listing of Methadose until Spring 2022 or during the term of the next agreement.
    • The MOH and PAS have agreed to begin discussions to modernize the Maintenance Medication List and Days Supply Policy.  These discussions will begin this Spring, but no change will occur during the term of this contract.