PAS Professional Services Award

PAS Professional Services Award

The PAS Professional Services award is presented to a community pharmacy that demonstrates leadership in implementing, promoting and providing professional pharmacy services to patients within the pharmacy or in the community. The service provided would be a pharmacy professional service paid by the provincial government, a third-party insurer, an employer or cash payment by the patient. The terms of reference are available here.

PAS / Pharmasave Professional Services Award Recipients

2021 Recipients: Transcona IDA


2019 Recipient – Pharmasave 466   Martensville

Pharmasave 466 is proud to have their pharmacists certified in travel health by the International Society of Travel Medicine. They can make sure travelers still have a way to obtain information, injections, and other prophylactic medications that they require to stay safe during their trip. The services provided are similar to those that the travel clinics currently offer, with the only exception being Yellow Fever vaccine. Pharmasave is actively promoting this service to Martensville and the other surrounding communities through advertising in both print and social media outlets. They have also educated physicians in Martensville and surrounding area (s) that the new service can now be provided, to ensure they feel comfortable referring patients to Pharmasave for their travel consult. To enforce the strong relationship that they have with their local physicians, Pharmasave 466 has obtained a Collaborative Practice Agreement with them to allow their Certified International Travel Health Pharmacists to prescribe travel-related medications and vaccines for these physicians’ patients. Patients can begin their vaccines in a timelier manner, and with fewer appointments.

They use social media, print, and email to notify patients about travel health consultations and education sessions. Pharmasave 466 will work with local travel groups for group information sessions, which has increased the number of individual patients coming in for travel consultations.  The pharmacist researches the locations and the patients’ medication history to ensure patients will have what they need for their trip. They also work with patients to have their other prescriptions ready ahead of time. Pharmasave 466 has a collaborative practice agreement with the clinic so that the patients can receive their medications and vaccines, including injections at the same time. Therefore most of the work is done before the patient ever shows up for their appointment. With patients feeling satisfied and confident in their services, they are happy to be able to offer this expanded service to the community.