Relief Pharmacists

Relief Pharmacists


All of Saskatchewan

Juber Bhatuk
Phone: (306) 314-9880
Saskatchewan-wide coverage
Relief/Short Notice

Northern Saskatchewan (North of Meadow Lake)

Currently there are no relief pharmacists for this area.

Central Saskatchewan (Meadow Lake to Davidson)

Sandra Haley
Phone:(204) 404-2539
(Saskatoon and surrounding rural areas and the eastern border near Manitoba)

Amie Haubrich
Phone: (306) 380-8520
(Saskatoon and surrounding rural areas)

Eastern Saskatchewan

Chidmma Ezenwa
Phone: (306) 314-3717

Yorkton/Melville and surrounding area

Southern Saskatchewan (Davidson to the southern border)


Muinat Alayo
Regina, SK
Phone: 306-620-2799

Ayesha Ahmed
Regina, SK
(306) 209-9798
Kroll, Nexus

Shannon Appel
Cell/Text: 306-526-8224
Regina and area
Available Saturdays, Sundays, and stats only

Alisa Bush contract/relief/short notice
service south SK  call or text 306-552-6658 

Theresa Dumonceaux
Call or text 306-539-4865
Regina and area (open to pharmacies outside this area) 

Ben Holden

Phone: (306) 585-1805
Cell: (306) 539-0720
Regina, SK area
Relief / Short Notice

Aastha Patel 
Regina Area and 1 hour distance outskirts
(306) 450-9446 
Software Known – Delta and Kroll 

Sanjay Nakum 
Regina and surrounding area (200 to 300 Kms)
(306) 501-3173 / (306) 559-8440


Kristen Cote
Weyburn, SK
(306) 861-2811

Western Saskatchewan

Currently there are no relief pharmacists for this area.