Saskatchewan Oncology Education Online Course

Saskatchewan Oncology Education Online Course

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and the Division of Continuing Medical Education (CME), College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan have collaborated on an accredited Saskatchewan Cancer Education program to facilitate cancer education and care of patients with cancer in the community.

The online modules cover a vast range of areas in cancer care and are available for health care professionals who are involved in the care of patients with cancer. This collaborative work is an important step to promote oncology education in the community and improve care for Saskatchewan patients.

Course Registration: Continuous Intake

Course Cost: FREE

Open to all Health Care Professionals

Note: This course is not accredited for pharmacist continuing education. However, Saskatchewan pharmacists can claim unaccredited learnings to a maximum of 4 CEUs. For more information including accessing the required forms please visit the USask CPE website here.

Overall Program Learning Objectives
At the end of this learning activity (11 modules), participants will be able to:

  1. Diagnose cancer early on
  2. Identify symptoms and signs for cancer diagnosis
  3. Describe best investigations to diagnose cancer.
  4. Describe cancer management
  5. Describe management of patients on immunotherapy treatments
  6. Describe follow-up of cancer patients

What a Primary Care Provider needs to know about:

  1. Immunotherapy Toxicity Management – Presented by Dr. Osama Souied
  2. Oncologic Emergencies – Presented by Dr. Kimberly Hagel
  3. Survivorship Care for Lung Cancer Patients – Presented by Dr. Ayesha Bashir
  4. Colon Cancer Follow-up – Presented by Dr. Adnan Zaidi
  5. Screening for Prostate Cancer – Presented by Dr. Nelson Leong
  6. Active Surveillance for the Family Physician – Presented by Dr. Nelson Leong
  7. Androgen Deprivation Therapy – Presented by Dr. Nelson Leong
  8. HPV and Cervical Dysplasia – Presented by Dr. Shaina Lee
  9. Ovarian cancer and opportunistic salpingectomy as a tool for preventing ovarian cancer – Presented by Dr. Shaina Lee
  10. Multiple Myeloma – Presented by Dr. Ibraheem Othman
  11. Endometrial Cancer Management from Diagnosis to Follow-up – Dr. Shaina Lee